Black Women Talk Tech

2021 Black Students Talk Tech (BSTT) Program

Are you a Black student Tech entrepreneur and/or Technologist who wants to start companies while still in school? If so, this program is for you!

The first program of its kind to funnel a pipeline of Black student Tech entrepreneurs and/or Technologists into a diverse tech ecosystem. This is a unique opportunity to feature and showcase Black students who are:

  • Active and aspiring Tech entrepreneurs and/or Technologist, or
  • Curious about working in the Tech industry

Black Students Talk Tech is an immersive experience led and taught by Black tech leaders for HBCU students to develop tangible skills to launch their technology career or business. Students will participate in multidisciplinary workshops, mentor sessions, and panel discussions that will prepare them to:

  • Pursue an internship at a tech company
  • Create a scalable tech startup to present at the BSTT pitch competition!
  • Gain valuable early-stage experience

Black Women Talk Tech is invested in supporting the next generation of student innovators. Tech innovation has helped mitigate many of the challenges experienced this past year. Student tech entrepreneurs and technologists are important and have been an important foundation to our innovation and startup ecosystem. Some of the most celebrated tech leaders built their first ventures while in school, the first-time founder experience is an invaluable education in how to build great companies.

We hope to build relationships with young, talented tech entrepreneurs and technologists at this stage in their careers. We are in the business of fostering tech entrepreneurship and innovation.

The opportunity to work with bright, energetic people who have ideas about how to change the world is exactly why we launched this program in the first place.

The program is designed to give you all the resources you need but ultimately it is best suited for tech entrepreneurs and technologist who just need the chance to make things happen.


The program gives students:

  • Education & Office Hours with the tech industry’s best and brightest
  • Mentorship
  • Career Talks with Tech companies hosting interns (Sponsors)
  • Pitch competition winner’s all-expense-paid trip to NYC
  • Learn and apply business start-up practices and concepts to scalable tech projects

Who should apply to the Black Student Tech Talk Program?

The fellowship is designed for

  • Students from all academic majors
  • Students have a formulated concept for an existing or future business
  • Students in the second or third year of their undergraduate degree
  • 2.5 GPA or higher

Individuals from non-traditional backgrounds, historically marginalized, or underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

Informational Sessions:

BWTT in consultation with the White House Initiative on Education Equity, Excellence, and Economic Development through HBCUs cordially INVITES YOU TO APPLY TO BLACK STUDENT TALK TECH INFORMATION SESSION VIRTUAL EVENTS.


When and where does the Black Student Tech Program take place?

The 6-week program takes place on Saturdays from January 8th to February 12th. We will be planning a virtual experience and will provide updates if necessary.

Is the fellowship paid?

This Program is Non-paid.

How do I apply?

Click 'Apply to Position' on this site. Accepting Applications through 12/20/21.